We may not answer every one of your questions here,
but we’re going to do our darndest.

Can I ride extra?

Yes, at your own risk, just like you were riding any other Saturday or Sunday. If you want to ride more, we suggest that you do it prior to Saturday’s start time or after you cross the finish line on Sunday. We actually encourage this as there are numerous nature paths on the Arbor Day Farm property that you won’t want to miss. Once you cross the finish line on Saturday, we won’t allow you to check your bike out until Sunday morning.

Can I start early?

The roads won’t be closed and/or designated as the event route until we officially start the event. Riding outside our timeframe or outside the official route would be at your own risk and on your own accord. The festival events will open Saturday afternoon. Nothing will be open prior to that. Plus, we have fun stops along the route that you won’t want to miss!

What is included in my in-person registration?

Oh man … SWAG, On-Course Snack Stops (Both Days), On-Course Water/Lemonade/Gatorade Stops (Both Days), the Course/Route, Overnight Vehicle Parking, Ride Recovery Snacks, Beer (one on us), Minor Bike Repair, Secure Overnight Bike Storage, Hot Showers, Live Music, Yoga, Organized Outdoor Games, Organized Indoor Games, Yard Games, Coffee, Finisher Mug Glass, and more. Plus, the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree in your name in a national forest!

What is included in my virtual ride registration?

Why, SWAG of course! A Wooden Nickel to get your very own Radler Beer at any Kinkaider Tap Room (one on us), Ride T-shirt, Finisher Mug, and more.

Bike safety requirements. What are they?

All riders must wear a helmet while riding their bike. No safety lights will be required as all riding will take place during daylight hours. Riders will be required to wear identification tags the entire time (Bike Number on Bike and Festival ID on You).

What if I get a flat tire? What if my bike breaks?

Please bring a spare tube and a patch kit and know how to fix a flat tire. We will have several bike support teams riding the course, as well as a mobile fix-it crew.

Do I have to camp? Do I need to know my sleeping arrangements when I register?

No. You can choose to camp by bringing your own tent, use our concierge camping service, or stay in the Lied Lodge hotel. You will need to decide by May 15. And remember, space is limited in Lied Lodge, so book your room right away if you prefer the hotel option.

Where do we park?

Parking is free and will be located on the north end of Arbor Day Farm. Just enter under the big Arbor Day Farm arch on Arbor Avenue and follow the parking attendants’ directions.

What if I don’t have camping gear?

No worries. You have lots of options. You can rent a tent (concierge camping) or stay in the on-site Lied Lodge hotel. You don’t need to know your exact plan when you register, just jump back into the registration system no later than May 15 to register for camping. OR book a room using the Lied Lodge link on the website. Keep in mind that special discounted Radler Bike Festival room rates are only available until May 15.

What if I don’t have a bike?

You can buy bikes from our bike shop partners. Or rent one. Or borrow one from a friend.

Can my kids come?

No. This is a 21 year and older event.

Can a non-rider join me at the festival?

Yes, but you will have to purchase a non-rider festival pass for them. Non-Rider Festival Pass ($95 | Includes Parking Pass, 24 hour snacks, 1 Beer, All Entertainment and Access to Camping | Limited passes available)

Where is packet pickup?

Friday Pickup: Apple House Market at Arbor Day Farm | 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Event Day Pickup: Apple House Market at Arbor Day Farm | 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

I have an rv/camping trailer can I bring it?


What are the route maps?

You can view the tentative route maps here.

What time does the event start?

It’s going to be a hot weekend! For your comfort and safety, we’ve moved to earlier open start times. The new times are: Saturday: 8 a.m.-11a.m. and Sunday 8 a.m.-9 a.m. You can leave anytime during these windows. Please check in with event staff before leaving the start line.

Will the roads be closed to vehicle traffic?

You will be riding on roads for part or all of the course, depending on your course selection. We have selected roads that traditionally do not have a large amount of traffic, but they are not closed to only bicycles. Ride defensively, stay as far to the right as possible, stay on the shoulder of the road if possible, watch out for ag implements. Show courtesy by stopping, moving as far to the side of the road or in the ditch as possible, and allowing ag implements to safely pass you before resuming the ride. Follow all directions provided by route volunteers. Be safe, this is not a race. 

What should I pack?

Checkout the Ride Rule Book which includes a detailed suggested packing list.

Is the event timed?

It is a bike ride, not a bike race. No timing.

What kind of tires should I use?

Hard Surface Route

Skinny and smooth road bike tire. Do NOT use for Steamboat Trace Trail. Great tire for the Hard Surface Route. Hybrid tire found on many flat bar style bikes. Perfect for the Hard Surface Route. Use with caution on Steamboat Trace Trail.

Steamboat Trace Route

Gravel tire found on hybrid and touring bikes. Great choice for either route. Typical mountain bike tire. Good option for either route.

If there’s additional information you need, feel free to call 402-873-8733 or email us at radler@arbordayfarm.org.